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Inbound #1 University Route No Longer on Detour (10/5/17)

The inbound #1 University Route is no longer on detour...

Delays Expected on Several CityLink Routes Due to River City Marathon on 10/8/17

Due to the “River City Marathon” on Sunday, October 8,...

Stop at North & Richmond Unavailable Weekdays from 2:30 PM & 4:30 PM on #10 Sterling Inbound Route

The corner at North and Richmond will not be a CityLink...

Error in Mar. 2017 Rider's Guide on #4 Knoxville Route

There was an error printed in the March 2017 CityLink...

Temporary Stop on #4 Knoxville Route at Crossing Drive & Knoxville No Longer Available as of 3/6/17
The temporary bus stop located at Knoxville and...

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New Pass Options


CityLink passengers have the option to purchase a Day Pass for $3.00. This pass option provides unlimited rides all day for one complete service day.

Passengers can purchase the Day Pass on the bus, at the Customer Service Window (Transit Center and Administration Building), and at a new Vending Machine, coming later this fall at the Transit Center.

To Purchase on the Bus
  • TELL THE DRIVER that you are purchasing a DAY PASS BEFORE inserting your money
  • Insert the correct change
  • Take your pass, and you are ready to GO
  • On your next rides, SWIPE the pass in the SWIPER
If Purchased at Customer Service or Vending Machine
  • Board the Bus
  • INSERT DAY PASS in ACTIVATOR/TRiM (let go of the pass)
  • Take your pass, and you are ready to GO
  • On your next rides, SWIPE the pass in the SWIPER
Once activated, the DAY PASS is good during one Service Day. (Expiration Date and Time is on the pass.)
Pass is NOT TRANSFERABLE and can only be used by the individual who purchased the pass.
Correct change required; Fare Box does not give change. 


CityLink passengers have the option to purchase a 30-Day Pass for $40.00. This pass offers unlimited rides for 30 days and can be activated for the first time at any time during a month. The pass is then good for 30 consecutive service days after the first activation.
1. Purchase the 30- Day Pass
  • From a Customer Service Representative
  • From the Bus Pass Vending Machine
2. When purchased from a Customer Service Representative or the Bus Pass Vending Machine, the pass is not date-stamped until activated by inserting in the ACTIVATOR/TRiM on the Fare Box on the bus.
4. The 30-Day pass is good for 30 consecutive days from first use. 
5. On subsequent rides after activating the pass for the first time, just SWIPE the pass in the SWIPER on the fare box when boarding the bus. 


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