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7 Safe Riding Tips for Winter Weather Commutes

Winter weather is upon us once again in Central Illinois. While it has been mild thus far, you can never be too prepared to face what might be in store during the winter months in the Greater Peoria Area. Taking CityLink is a great alternative transportation option when you want to avoid the hassle of driving in poor weather conditions. Not only are CityLink buses safe and reliable, they are also heated and allow you to relax during your daily commutes when the weather is poor. 

These are 7 safe riding tips we recommend you take into consideration when you ride CityLink during winter weather:

  1. Plan extra time in your commute. During periods of heavy snow and ice, buses, like traffic, may fall behind schedule. Passengers are encouraged to plan extra time into their commute.
  2. Be cautious when boarding in areas with ice and snow banks. In areas covered with snow and ice or blocked by a snow bank, please wait back on the sidewalk, or at a cleared driveway or corner. DO NOT stand in the street or wait at the top of a snow bank.
  3. Try to clean off snow from shoes prior to boarding the bus. Keeping shoes as clean as possible before boarding the bus helps prevent the bus floors from getting wet and slippery.
  4. Be careful when boarding buses. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board. Melting snow and ice can make bus floors slippery. Make sure to hold handrails when boarding, walking or standing inside the bus.
  5. Avoid crowding the curb line as the bus approaches the bus stop. Standing too close to the curb is always dangerous, but even more so during inclement weather.
  6. Take extra measures when commuting at night. Hold a flashlight so that the driver can see you waiting at a stop. If possible, wear reflective apparel or safety bands on your coat or other clothing. Reflective clothing is always recommended for children when traveling at night.
  7. Remember to always dress appropriately for the weather. What you wear can make a big impact on how cold weather affects you. Watching the local news for the forecast is one of the easiest ways to stay informed on upcoming weather and how to prepare for it.

Besides being the best alternative transportation option in the Greater Peoria Area, CityLink is also the most affordable. We have two great bus pass options available for everyday riders and casual riders. Information on the Day Pass ($3 for unlimited rides for one service day) and 30-Day Pass ($40 for unlimited rides for 30 consecutive service days) is highlighted in the video below, which will soon be featured on local television broadcasts in Peoria.

Both bus passes can be purchased at the CityLink Transit Center (407 SW Adams) or Administrative building (2105 NE Jefferson Ave), or they can be purchased by phone at 309-676-4040 or online. The Day Pass can also conveniently be purchased on all CityLink buses.

2105 NE Jefferson Ave    •    Peoria, Illinois 61603    •    309-676-4040

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