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CityLink Adds New Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses to Fleet

CityLink has added new 40’ New Flyer Xcelsior® diesel-electric hybrid buses to its fleet! The buses were manufactured by New Flyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Crookston, Minnesota, and they were purchased with the assistance of the Illinois Department of Transportation.  The new hybrid buses have a completely different external and internal look than CityLink’s current fleet of buses.

The exterior of the buses is green, green, and more green. If you look close enough, you will be able to see that the underlying paint is a very light shade of green.

On the interior of the buses, you will find even more green. The cloth seats provide a cheery pop of green to the inside of the buses. There is a maximum seating capacity of 40 and each bus can accommodate two wheelchairs when the front seats are folded up.

The green seats are not the only feature customers will notice when they ride in one of the hybrid buses. They are also equipped with two glass roof skylights that allow in more natural daylight.

Customers will also notice two digital monitors, which can be used to provide riders with route information and other important updates.

What really makes the new hybrid buses different than the other buses in CityLink’s fleet is their combined use of both bio-diesel fuel and an electric battery. The buses have a smaller Cummins engine that is certified for mass transportation use, and an Allison hybrid propulsion system. The battery used in the buses stores energy and recharges when the bus decelerates. When the demand for power exceeds the battery’s capacity, the diesel engine provides the extra energy needed to keep the bus running.

One of the benefits of these diesel-electric hybrid buses that we are most excited about is they can reduce emissions by up to 90% when compared to conventional diesel-fueled buses and reduce vehicle noise throughout the entire operating range. Being environmentally friendly is something that we strive for with our buses to not only help save on costs, but to also provide our customers and the community with a transportation option that they can be proud to use and see on the streets of the Greater Peoria Area.

Feel pride when you ride on one of CityLink's diesel-electric hybrid buses. Go Green, Go Public Transportation!

Updated 6/22/2017CityLink received two additional 40’ New Flyer Xcelsior® diesel-electric hybrid buses.  The new buses are identical to the hybrid buses CityLink received in late 2016.  The only difference between the new diesel-electric hybrid buses and the two original hybrid buses received by CityLink are the bicycle racks.  The new buses arrived with bicycle racks affixed to the front each bus, and the racks have the capacity to hold up to three bicycles at one time. (See photo above.) CityLink chose this option over the standard two-slot bicycle racks due to an increased usage of bicycle racks on the fixed route buses.

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