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CityLink Honors Employees Who Have Served in the U.S. Military for Veterans Day

You may have recently noticed several bus signs that feature familiar faces to customers who ride CityLink. That is because CityLink decided to honor several of our employees who have served in the U.S. Military this year for Veterans Day by having bus signs made that feature those employees who wished to participate.

The signs do not feature all of our employees who have served in the military, but there were 14 current CityLink employees who chose to participate.

The were four different designs of the signs made based on the branch of the military in which the employee served.

CityLink Air National Guard Veterans:  Bob Vanderwerf, Mike Brockway, and Joe Daniels

CityLink Army Veterans:  Dennis Roe, Bill Cochran, Darnell Bell, Mike Brockway, Charles Thomas, Fred Duncan, and Don Heerman

CityLink Army National Guard, Air Force, and Navy Veterans:  Bob Vanderwerf, Jason Jones-Ware, Mike Brockway, and Jim Harness

CityLink Marine Corp Veterans:  Mel Beaulieu, Cecil Ray, Dave Heerman, and Darnell Bell

You may have noticed that there are a few employees that are featured on more than one sign. That is because those employees served in multiple branches of the military.

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing these signs travel throughout the Greater Peoria Area these past few weeks. They will remain on the buses until the end of November. Honoring our employees who have served in the U.S. Military in this way is the very least we can do to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice.

Happy Veterans Day to everyone who has served in the U.S. Military!

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